Porsche 904 de 2012 Homologação...

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Porsche 904 de 2012 Homologação...

Mensagem por Mpcgomes em 1/4/2012, 21:13

Homologation rules have spawned some of the rarest and most desirable cars in history – the Porsche 904 GTS being one of the most memorable. Now, Texas-based company GWA has produced this reinterpretation of the classic sports car, which combines the sumptuous curves of the original with modern creature comforts
Using the recently replaced Porsche Boxster (i.e. the 987, on sale from 2005-2011) as a basis, Arturo Alonso and his company have created a contemporary tribute to the legendary 904 GTS, of which few more than 100 road-going examples were built to satisfy homologation rules.

Rather than going down the common replica route, GWA does things a little differently – and arguably to better effect. The company takes the running gear of the Boxster (the car thus inheriting the same mid-engined layout and ground-hugging appearance as the original), and applies sculpted bodywork inspired by the 1960s legend.

At no point does the company attempt to pass its P/904 Carrera off as ‘the real thing’ – in fact, the new car visually differentiates itself from its namesake in the same way it did with one of its previous projects: the 300SL Gullwing for 2009. Modern design flourishes include LED lights and an active rear spoiler.

Inside, the modernity continues in the form of an iPod connection and satellite navigation, as well as the hereditary power steering, air conditioning and ABS braking systems from the donor car. However, rather than simply retaining the Boxster’s innards, a new period-correct interior is fashioned, which includes new seats, instrument panel and steering wheel.

The midship-mounted powerplant is the Boxster’s 3.4-litre six-cylinder Boxer unit, whose 295HP is fed to the 18-in Fuchs-style alloys through a six-speed manual gearbox. GWA promises that the sports exhaust will provide a racing car-like sound.

The prototype P/904 Carrera is currently being developed, which the company claims is a precursor to a production version. It estimates the cost to be around 70,000 U.S. dollars, not including the price of the donor car – which can be specified to be right-hand-drive.



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