Aumentos de potência para o Boxster 986 2.7L

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Aumentos de potência para o Boxster 986 2.7L

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986 High Flow Intake - sistema de alto fluxo
SKU:INTK986HF.........................$379,00 USD


-HP Gain: 8-10
-TQ Gain: 8-10

Engineered for maximum power and sound. This engineered system eliminates the OEM restrictive airbox and incorporates a high flow cone air filter and sealed fresh air chamber. A cone filter has superior air flow characteristics as compared to flat panel filters. The cone filter better shapes the air as it enters through the filter for smoother straighter more formed air. Next, we have CMC machined a MAF housing to the exact tolerances of the OEM housing for precise MAF reading and NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHTS. In addition, the sealed air chamber sections off the cone air filter from the engine compartment so that it can only draw cool outside air for more power. Finally, our system is injected molded from crosslink polyethylene which has the lowest thermal conductivity rating of any single-layered moldable material available on the market today. This is key in keeping intake temperatures low and increasing power.

986 Sport Exhaust  -----------Panela de escape
SKU:EXHM986......Price:....$1495 USD

HP Gain: 8-10
TQ Gain: 8-10

-Full Stainless Steel Design
-Lifetime Warranty

Every component of this stainless steel performance exhaust is hand built by skilled craftsman who take immense pride in their work. All components utilize 304 stainless steel, that are then fully polished and mandrel bent for maximum flow. All systems are designed for optimum performance, looks, and sound quality.

Boxster ECU Tuning - Programação
SKU:ECUTUNBOXSTER...................... Price: $995.00 USD

EVOMS in co-operative efforts with GIAC are proud to offer the safest, most powerful ECU tuning for the 986 / 987 Porsche Boxster. The ECU program we offer will add
10 HP
10 TQ.

Boxster Stage 1 
986 High Flow Intake - sistema de alto fluxo + Boxster ECU Tuning -Programação

SKU:TUN986L1-----------------Price: $1,374.00 USD

Stage 1 tuning system for the Boxsters looks to add power by increasing the amount of cold dense air that is injested into the intake tract. This is accomplished by add our custom made EVO Cold Air Intake Kit. Once the volume of cold air into the intake tract is increased, the next step is to reconfigure the car's ECU so that it can maximize the benefits of the increased air flow. This ECU reconfiguring is accomplished through our custom tuned EVO/GIAC Stage 1 Boxster ECU tuning. This package will give a combined gain of 15 HP and 20 TQ at the flywheel.
15 HP
20 TQ at the flywheel.

Boxster Stage 2 - Sistema de alto fluxo+ ECU+ Panela de escape
Price: $2,550.00 USD

The Stage 2 tuning system for the Boxster expands upon Stage 1 by adding a High Flow Stainless Steel Sport Exhaust. This exhaust system will reduce the amount of backpressure, reduce the weight of the car, and also add a sporty exhaust note. The Stage 2 package will add 25 HP and 25 TQ.
25 HP
25 TQ.


Da Fabspeed

986 Boxster MAXFLO 2ndary Catbypass Pipes $495/set

All 986 Boxster/S Products 2000-2004

+8HP and more torque that you can feel
More power and sportscar sound for all 986 Boxster cars built from 2000-2004.
No Check Engine Light. 100% impossible to get a CE light. The main catalytic converters are located on the headers and 2nd set of cats are DELETEABLE with absolutely no ill effects.
Passes emissions testing and factory warranty
More sports cars sound. A must have performance accessory for all 2000 to 2004 Boxsters . Connects from headers to any rear stock or aftermarket muffler.
Easy installation- Easy On & Easy Off! Comes with hardware WURTH GERMANY.
Saves 25lbs 12 KG from rear of Boxster. Better handling as considerable weight came off the rear of the Boxster.

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